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I'm primarily a set builder who collects football and baseball. Besides building sets, I also collect the following players:

FOOTBALLJerome Bettis, Mark Brunell, Brett Favre, Edgerrin James, and Fred Taylor.

BASEBALL:  Bryce Harper, Manny Machado, Buster Posey, and Frank Thomas.

You'll find three things on this site:

 -- a separate page for each set I'm building. The page lists what I need from the set and / or what I have to trade from it.

-- a separate page for each player I collect. These "have" lists show every card I have of that player. By using these, you can quickly and easily determine whether I already have a particular card.

-- pages listing the many star players cards I have to trade from both sports. Just click on the "Baseball Stars" and "Football Stars" links below to reach these pages.

You can always reach me at:  I check mail multiple times a day.

My "good trader credentials" are:

                                                                  104  Trader Points
                                      33  Trader Points

                                          14  Trader Points

                                          6   Trader Points

                                                          BASEBALL SET LISTS

                                                          BB PLAYERS I COLLECT   ("Have" lists)

                                                         BASEBALL STARS FOR TRADE

                                                         FOOTBALL SET LISTS

                                                        FB PLAYERS I COLLECT   ("Have" lists)

                                                        FOOTBALL STARS FOR TRADE