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I collect football and baseball. Although my main interest is set building, I also collect several players from each sport. FOOTBALL: Jamaal Charles, Randall Cobb, Brett Favre, and Brandon Marshall.BASEBALL: Buster Posey, Manny Machado, and Frank Thomas.

You will find the following on this site:

- Set lists showing everything I need and have to trade from sets I'm working on. Each set has its own page.

- "Have" list for each of the 7 players listed above. By using these lists, you can quickly and easily determine whether I already have a particular card, thereby saving the time and hassle of offering me cards already in my collection. (NOTE: Some of the lists are still under construction.)

- Star Players For Trade lists are what the name says. . .lists of cards I have to trade of big name players, past and present, in both sports. More than a few are Hall of Famers, while some others are future HOFs. Base cards, inserts, numbered cards, you'll find them all here.

Enjoy browsing the site and please come back often. I'm constantly adding more cards for trade!  Also please note the following: I'm VERY much aware of the ever-increasing number of pop up ads that visitors are forced (by Angelfire) to endure when they come to this site. Frankly, it has gone way beyond what is reasonable and come a point of pure annoyance.

I'm sorry for this, and want you to know that I'm currently learning to write HTML code so I can design my own site from the ground up and post it on the Web with NO advertising to hassle my visitors because it will be on a paid server instead of a "freebie" like this one.. I anticipate moving to the new site in  January or February 2015. In the meantime, thanks for your patience. 

Email me at: for a response in less than 24 hours.

My good trader points are as follows:                                     121 points     (trading as damassie)                        35 points     (trading as damassie)                            20 points     (trading as BettisFan36)                         3 points       (trading as damassie)                            6 points      (trading as insertcard)

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