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Thanks for stopping by!

The site is undergoing card inventory updates and expansions at this time. Unfortunately, this necessitates a temporary suspension of operations until the work is complete. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Please come back and check out the updates and expansions when we reopen. Right now, I anticipate that will be approximately October 1, 2014. Considering the amount of work that must be completed, that may turn out to be an overly optimistic goal. Should that be the case, I will post a revised estimate here as soon as I have one.

A big "THANK YOU" goes to all the great folks who have traded with me so far. You folks make the hobby ten times more fun than it would otherwise be!

If you need to contact me before the site is up and running again, I can still be reached at   I'll do my best to answer any emails within 24 hours - - usually much less.

Thanks again for coming by!

David Massie

September 17, 2014